Speaker:Prof. Jie Ma (USTC)
Schedule:Tues.19:20-20:55, Thur.9:50-11:25, May 10 -May 26;Tues.19:20-21:45, May 31-July 12 (updated)
Venue:Zoom Meeting ID: 271 534 5558 Passcode: YMSC

Note:The course will be delivered on Tuesdays, 19:20-21:45, from May31,2022.


Calculus, Linear Algebra, and some basic algebra (groups, rings and fields). 

Covered Materials: 

We will give a broad introduction to combinatorics. The tentative schedule is as following: 

(1). Enumeration (counting, generating functions, inclusion-exclusion and so on) 

(2). Applications of basic methods (double-counting and pigeonhole principle) 

(3). Basics on graphs (trees) 

(4). Extremal combinatorics (Erdös-Ko-Rado, Turán's Theorem, Ramsey's Theorem) 

(5). Partially Ordered Sets 

(6). Probabilistic methods 

(7). Algebra methods 

(8). Spectral methods 


We do not have any assigned textbook and will update class notes during the term. However, the following books can be used as references, which should be very helpful. 

• Invitation to Discrete Mathematics, by Jiri Matousek and Jaroslav Nesetril, Oxford University Press 

• Proofs from the book, by Martin Aigner and Gunter M. Ziegler, Springer 

• Thirty-three Miniatures: Mathematical and Algorithmic Applications of Linear Algebra, by Jiri Matousek, American Mathematical Society

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Lecture 1 (May10):

Lecture 2 (May12):

Lecture 3 (May17):

Lecture 4 (May19):

Lecture 5 (May24):

Lecture 6 (May26):