Apply for visiting

Please contact with your CV, a list of your published papers, employment certificate, proof of research projects/fund & excepted visiting schedule.


Working visa (F-visa,Z-visa,R-visa) is required for visiting scholars.


Note: Reservation for on-campus stay requires invitation letter issued by YMSC

1) hotel on campus: Jiasuo/Jinchun Yuan
Fees: 500 RMB/day

2)Zijing Apartment Single Room (one bedroom) 112 RMB/day Double Room (two bedroom) 168 RMB/day With washing room, no kitchen, each floor has public laundry room.
Address: Reception desk, first floor, No.19 Building, Zijing Apartment
Fees: 200RMB deposit
Tel: +86-10-51535501

3)Visitors’ Apartment; About 8000 BMB/month, 2 bedrooms, 1 kitchen 1 bathroom and 1 study room, with basic furniture and home appliances. Visitors shall cover water, electricity and gas costs.
Address: Jingzhai Room 111(8:00-17:00), Please get the key from the doorman for non-working time(24 hours working time)
Tel: +86-10-62782355

4)Wenjin International Hotel-nearby hotel
Address: Wenjin Internationl Hotel, Tsinghua Science Park, Chengfu Road, Haidian District, Beijing
Tel: +86-10-62525566


1) Taxi: From the airport to Tsinghua, Fees are about 150 RMB.

2) Subway: Line 15 (West Tsinghua East Road) ; Line 13 (Wudaokou);Line 14 (Yuanminyuan Park)

3) Campus Shuttle bus: 7:20-18:00 ( work days only)

Campus Life Guide

For more information, please refer to the website:


International visitors are required to complete the Accommodation Registration Procedure within 24 hours of arrival in China. Health check is also required.

Dining on Campus

1) Temporary meal card: You could apply for the card and use in dining rooms including Lan Yuan/Nan Yuan/Bei Yuan/Jia Yuan/Guanchou Yuan/Yushu Yuan/Zhilan Yuan.

2) On Campus Restaurant (by cash) Jinchuan Yuan; Jiasuo; Xichun Yuan; Qingqing Fast Food;


You could always visit Jingzhai YMSC office for helps
1) First floor, Jinchunyuan West Building (near the Conference Room 1)
2) No. 203, printing room in Jingzhai
3) North direction of the first floor in Jingzhai;


1.Please return office key, meal card, other certificates.

2.Please scan your returning boarding pass or departure stamp to us within 2 weeks after departure, so that we can help to reimburse for you soon.