Graduate Program

With an aim to cultivate excellent mathematical research talents, YMSC started to recruit graduate students in the fields of pure mathematics and applied mathematics in 2012. Now, it has 55 registered graduate students, mainly PhD. Up to March 2021, there had been 26 graduates of YMSC Postgraduate Program. Some of the graduates seek advanced study at the world-famous universities such as New York University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Université Paris VI, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology. And some chose to be high school teachers and make contributions to secondary education in China.

PhD students are recruited under the ""application-review"" system in a bid to select the best students through the comprehensive assessment. In the process of recruitment, the applicant's basic qualities, academic ability, academic interest and so on are comprehensively examined. In order to ensure the fairness and openness of the recruitment process, collective decisions are made by the admission committee available for university inspection. Applicants’ appeals are also allowed. Graduate Mathematics Education of Tsinghua University focuses on doctoral training of the following majors: Pure Mathematics, Applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Probability and Mathematical Statistics. Both master and bachelor could apply for the PhD program, 3-4 years and 4-6 years respectively. Doctoral Mathematics Education of Tsinghua University offers a PhD in Science.

Tutors will coach PhD students to form a personal curriculum and plan the dissertation. A PhD student is required to take related courses, learning mathematical theories and methods, broadening knowledge spectrum, and improving abilities of analyzing and solving problems independently. After reviewing literature and understanding the current research trends, PhD students will choose their own research areas. They’ll be able to attend discipline-specific workshops and international conferences. They are expected to carry out scientific research independently, produce original research results, and complete both PhD dissertations and dissertation defenses.Since the autumn semester of 2022, the enrolled students will be registered under Qiuzhen College.


1. Apr.-May, 1rst Admissions for Doctoral Applicants

2. Aug.-Sept. Entrance Examination for Doctoral Applicants; Test-exempted Applicants Review

3. Oct.-Mar. International Applicates’ Review

Financial Assistance

Tsinghua University offers various financial assistances for students, including stipend program, work-study program, scholarship, financial aid and emergency aid.

YMSC offers Doctoral Fund for International Meetings and for Short-term Overseas Visits, the Publication Fund for Outstanding Doctoral Dissertations.

Also available are Merit-based Scholarship and International Graduate Student Scholarship. A full scholarship recipient of Merit-based Scholarship will be awarded 48,000 RMB per year (before tax), and a half scholarship recipient will be awarded 24,000 RMB per year (before tax). The typical duration for this merit-based scholarship is 3 years.

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