YMSC started to recruit graduate students since 2012 .Up to September 2023,  158 postgraduates are currently studying. As of June 2023, 45 graduate students have graduated from the Center. Some of them have gone to New York University, Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Pierre and Marie Curie University, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and other well-known universities at home and abroad.

Information statistics of Tsinghua Xuetang Mathematics Program
Name Date of enrollment Graduation destination
Zhu Yihang 2008 YMSC
Xie Songyan 2008 Associate researcher of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Lu qiongshi 2008 Associate Professor at University of Wisconsin–Madison
Qian Tianchen 2008 Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at University of California Irvine,tenure track
Zhu Wei 2008 Assistant Professor Department of Mathematics and Statistics University of Massachusetts Amherst,tenure track
Fang Hanlong 2008 Assistant Professor at School of Mathematical Sciences, Peking University
Su Tao 2008 visiting postdoc at IMS, CUHK (until Sep. 25, 2023)
Cheng Jingrui 2009 Assistant Professor at Stonybrook,tenure track
Chen Likai 2009 Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at Washington University in St. Louis,tenure track
Le Pengyu 2009 BIMSA
He Xiang 2009 YMSC
Li Qirui 2009 PD, University of Bonn
Yu Chenglong 2009 YMSC
Zhang Ming 2009 Postdoc of University of British Columbia
Liu Linyuan 2009 PD, Louisiana State University
Feng Yuanyuan 2009 S.Chowla Assistant Research Professor at the Department of Mathematics, Pennsylvania State University
Zheng Zhiwei 2010 YMSC & BIMSA
Li Jialun 2010 University of Zürich
Zhu Hui 2010 Postdoc of University of Michigan
Tang Xiudi 2010 Assistant Professor at School of Mathematics and Statistics, Beijing Institute of Technology
Li Yifan 2010 Doctor of YMSC, is now the postdoc of IBS Institute of advanced research in Korea
Wang Zhiyuan 2010 School of Mathematics and Statistics, Huazhong University of Science and Technology
Qiu Congling 2011 Gibbs Assistant Professor, Yale University
Sun Ao 2011 Postdoc of University of Chicago
Yang Zhuoren 2011 Assistant prof at Yale
Xu Changji 2011 Postdoc of Harvard
Chen zhangchi 2011 PD,Chinese Academy of Science
GUI Zhengping 2012 PD,ICPT
Wang Zhongjian 2012 Assistant Professor at the Division of Mathematical Sciences at Nanyang Technological University
Sun Weifeng 2012 Stanford
Yang Liyang 2012 Instructor at the Department of Mathematics at Princeton University
Lin Yier 2012 PD, MSRI
Xia Mingchen 2013 PD, IMJ-PRG
Xu Kai 2014 Harvard University
Informations statistics of doctoral graduates
Name Date of enrollment Graduation destination
Wu Tianqi 2012 New York University
Li Zhen 2012 Postdoc of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Chen Jiaming 2013 PD, Goethe University Frankfurt
Sun Chenmin 2013 CNRS researcher, member of the Laboratory of Analysis and Applied Mathematics
Wang Yuexun 2013 Professor at School of Mathematics and Statistics, Lanzhou University
Wang Jian 2013 Doctoral student,France
Zhang Haicheng 2014 Associate Professor at Nanjing Normal University
Lin Zhiming 2014 The High School Affiliated to Renmin University of China RDFZ
Wang Jun 2013 Postdoc of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Sun Zonghan 2013 Tsinghua University High School 
Zheng Zhiwei 2014 YMSC
Li Yifan 2014 IBS-CGP
Yang Hui 2015 Postdoc of the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Dong Rui 2015 Postdoc of BIMSA
Zhao Xin 2015 Lecturer of Beijing Electronic Science and Technology Institute
Fang Chunqiu 2015 Dongguan University of Technology
Wang Bin 2015 Postdoc of Steklov Mathematical Institute of Russian Academy of Sciences
Jiang Yingkai 2015 Zhuhai WizardQuant Investment Management Co., Ltd
Yu Lishan 2015 Postdoc of BIMSA
Han Lina 2015 Mathematics teacher of the Affiliated High School of SCNU
Chen Rui 2016 Postdoc of Statistical research center of Department of industrial engineering, Tsinghua University
Chen Bingyi 2016 Postdoc of YMSC
Yu Boyang 2016 Postdoc of Peking University