Mini courses usually last for 1-3 months. YMSC invites international top mathematicians to give mini-courses during their visits at YMSC. From 2010 to 2021, YMSC has opened a total of 502 mini-courses altogether, with an average of more than 50 courses each year.

Course name Speaker Date
KPZ limit for interacting particle systems Tadahisa Funaki 2020-11-17
An introduction to quantum information Dr. Kaifeng Bu (Harvard University) 2020-10-14
Lectures on Siegel modular forms Gerard van der Geer (University of Amsterdam) 2020-10-13
Lectures on Algebraic Geometry Caucher Birkar 2020-09-04
A variational approach to the study of deformation invariance of plurigenera Toshiki Mabuchi 2020-01-08
Lectures on Inference from Experiments Per Johansson 2019-12-27
Random and Pseudorandom Graphs Paul Horn 2019-12-23
Transport information Geometry with applications in data science Li Wuchen 2019-12-19
GLobal C1,α Nash-Kuiper theorems Cao Wentao 2019-11-25
Causal Inference, Algorithmic Fairness and the Law Alice Xiang 2019-10-15
Statistical Demography Adrian Raftery 2019-10-11
Geometric Satake equivalence Yuval Flicker 2019-09-24
Curves over finite fields Gerard van der Geer 2019-09-17
Flattening theorem following raynaud-gruson and guignard Ahmed Abbes 2019-09-16
Basics on the Theory of Deformation of Complex Structures Toshiki Mabuchi 2019-09-10
Abstract homotopy theory Dingxin Zhang 2019-09-09
Iimpressionist Geometry Leung Nai Chung 2019-08-28
Basics on extremal Kähler metrics and generalized Kähler-Einstein metrics Toshiki Mabuchi 2019-08-20
Degeneration of Mixed Elliptic motives and depth filtration of multiple zeta val Tomohide Terasoma 2019-08-06
Four-manifolds and their invariants Vasily Manturov 2019-07-26
Quantum Invariants and Quantum Representations Yang Tian 2019-07-23
On Groups G_{n}^{k} and \Gamma_{n}^{k}: a study of Dynamics, Manifolds, and Inva Vasily Manturov 2019-07-22
Introduction to discrete conformal geometry Feng Luo 2019-07-09
Introduction to arc spaces Shihoko Ishii 2019-07-08
A Theory of FinTech Steven Kou 2019-07-03
Moduli of differentials Chen Dawei 2019-07-02
Non-Archimedian aspects of the Yau-Tian-Donaldson Conjecture Toshiki Mabuchi 2019-06-12
Optimal Transport, Ricci Curvature and Mean Field Variational Bayesian Approxima Alireza Bahraini 2019-06-04
Introduction to Galois Cohomology and Local Class Field Theory Ren Jinbo (University of Virginia) 2019-06-03
Introduction to Riemann surfaces and algebraic curves Ji Lizhen 2019-05-30
Inferential Models, Iterative Algorithms, and Distributed Computing Platforms Chuanhai Liu 2019-05-29
Stable homotopy groups of spheres and applications to smooth structures on manif Xu Zhouli 2019-05-28
Green's function estimates and applications Wang Jiaping 2019-05-20
Computational Conformal Geometry David Xianfeng Gu 2019-05-18
Estimates for the Ricci Flow Richard Hamilton 2019-05-15
Bayesian Statistical Analysis Hal Stern 2019-04-02
Seminal Ideas and Controversies in the History of Statistics Roderick Little 2019-03-26