Projection theorems and applications

Speaker:Prof. Hong Wang(UCLA)
Schedule:Fri. 12:30-13:30, 2022-4-8
Venue:Zoom Meeting ID: 4552601552 Passcode: YMSC
Date: 2022-4-8


Given a fractal set E on the plane and a set F of directions, can we find one direction L in F such that the orthogonal projection of E along L is large? We will survey some classical and modern projection theorems and discuss their applications. This talk is based on joint work with Pablo Shmerkin.


Hong Wang, Assistant professor, UCLA.

Awards and Grants: 

Maryam Mirzakhani New Frontiers Prize, 2022. 

NSF Grant DMS-2055544, 2021-2024. 

AMS-Simons travel funding, 2020-2022. 

Presidential fellows, MIT, 2014-2015.