A review of recent progress on random field Ising model

Speaker:Jian Ding
Time: Fri. 16:00-17:00,2021 - 9- 17
Venue:Zoom/Lecture hall, 3rd floor of Jin Chun Yuan West Building


Random field Ising model is a canonical example to study the effect of disorder on long range order. In 70's, Imry-Ma predicted that in the presence of weak disorder, the long-range order persists at low temperatures in three dimensions and above but disappears in two dimensions. In this talk, I will review mathematical development surrounding this prediction, and I will focus on recent progress on exponential decay (joint with Jiaming Xia) and on correlation length in two dimensions (joint with Mateo Wirth).  In addition, I will describe a recent general inequality for the Ising model (joint with Jian Song and Rongfeng Sun) which has implications for random field Ising model.


Jian Ding is a Gilbert Helman Professor at University of Pennsylvania. His main research area is in probability theory, with focus on interactions with statistical physics and theoretical computer science. He also has a broad interest in probability questions that arise from "application-oriented" problems. Before joining Penn, he has been a postdoc at Stanford and a faculty at University of Chicago, after his Ph.D. at UC Berkeley in 2011.



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