Quantum computing and quantum machine learning

Speaker:Luming Duan
Time: Friday 16:00 -17:00,2021 - 5 - 7
Venue:Lecture hall, 3rd floor of Jin Chun Yuan West Building


In this talk, I will briefly review the status and prospects about quantum computing, with a focus on its physical implementation and potential applications. For implementation, I will use trapped ions and superconducting qubit systems as examples to explain the current achievements and the roads ahead. For application, I will show in particular how a quantum computer can be used for machine learning with a potential exponential speedup compared with its classical counterpart.


Prof. Luming Duan received both his bachelor (in 1994) and Ph.D degree (in 1998) in physics from the University of Science and Technology of China (USTC). He joined the faculty of physics department at the University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) in 2003, tenured in 2007, and promoted to full professor in 2010. He holds CC Yao honorary Professorship at  Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences,Tsinghua University since 2011. He has published 110 papers in prestigious physics journals, with a total citation about 8000 times. He has received a number of recognitions, including the A. P. Sloan fellowship, the outstanding young researcher award from the Oversea Chinese Physics Association, and the Henry Russel Award from the University of Michigan. He was elected to fellow of the American Physical Society in 2009.

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