New Piece of Mathematics Motived by Biology and its Implications

Speaker:Prof. Ping Ao
Time: Friday 13:30-14:30,2021 - 4 - 9,Beijing Time
Venue:Lecture hall, 3rd floor of Jin Chun Yuan West Building


During our biological study we came across a new piece of mathematics. We found it extremely useful in study of robustness and stability of biological processes. It has a fundamental connection to the basic structure in physics that we have to take the stochasticity as an essential element to describe nature. We have applied it to various problems in biology, such as gene switch, the genesis and progression of cancer. We have also explored its mathematical implications from theoretical scientist's perspective. In this lecture I would be happy to share with on what we have obtained, and, outlined some open problems.


Ao Ping, Changjiang Chair Professor, University Chair Professor, Shanghai Center for Quantitative Life Sciences, Shanghai University. His research has been interdisciplinary, ranging from biology, computation, to engineering and physics, with a focus in systems biology and systems biomedicine. 

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