BIMSA-YMSC Number Theory Lunch Seminar

Speaker:Tinhinane Amina Azzouz
Organizer:Yong Suk Moon, Koji Shimizu
Time:12-1 pm on September 27
Venue:BIMSA A4-1

Title: p-adic differential equations and radii of convergence

Abstract: In the ultrametric setting, linear differential equations persent features that do not appear over the complex field. In this talk, I will present some examples of these features. Especially I will talk about the radii of convergence of the solutions, and explain why they are powerfull invariants of the equation.

Note: The lunch gathering starts at noon, and the talk begins at 12:15.

About the Seminar: This is an in-person seminar at BIMSA over lunch, aimed to promote communications in the Number Theory teams at BIMSA and YMSC. Each talk is 45 minutes long and does not focus on research results. Instead, we encourage each speaker to discuss either (1) a basic notion in Number Theory or related fields or (2) applications or computational aspects of Number Theory. People interested in Number Theory are welcome to attend.

Upcoming talk:

Date: September 27

Speaker: Tinhinane Amina Azzouz

Date: October 11

Speaker: Dongsheng Wu

Date: October 18

Speaker: Farahnaz Amiri

Date: October 25

Speaker: Chuangqiang Hu

Date: November 1

Speaker: Qijun Yan

Date: November 8

Speaker: Yilong Wang

Title: Numbers in modular tensor categories

Abstract: Modular tensor categories (MTCs) are finite tensor categories giving interesting SL(2,Z) representations. They can be viewed as generalizations of quadratic forms and their Weil representations. In this talk, I will give a quick introduction to MTCs, and briefly explain how, via the congruence property and Galois symmetry of the associated SL(2,Z) representations, basic algebraic number theory appears in the study of MTCs.

Date: November 15

Speaker: TBA

Date: November 22

Speaker: Lynn Heller

Date: November 29

Speaker: TBA

Past talks:

Date: September 20

Speaker: Koji Shimizu

Title: Perfectoid fields and perfectoid spaces

Abstract: In the late 1970s, Fontaine and Wintenberger found that certain interesting fields of characteristic zero and p have the same Galois groups, which eventually led to the theory of perfectoid fields and perfectoid spaces by Scholze. I will explain examples of these mathematical objects and why they are interesting. This is a less technical talk aimed at people in Number Theory and related fields.

Date: September 13

Speaker: No Speaker

Title: Icebreaking and Organization

Abstract: This week, we will introduce ourselves to each other, discuss the organization of the seminar, and exchange the NT seminar and course information in the Beijing area. The lunch talk starts next week.

We met on Thursdays in the Spring of 2023.

Date: June 1

Title: Integer points on a cubic surface and semi-flat Calabi–Yau metrics on special Lagrangian torus bundles

Speaker: Sebastian Heller

Date: May 18
Title: The spectral theory in the sense of Berkovich

Speaker: Tinhinane Amina Azzouz

Date: April 20
Title: Hida families and ideal class groups

Speaker: Dong Yan

Date: April 6
Isogeny graph of supersingular elliptic curves and its applications on cryptography

Speaker: Zheng Xu

Date: March 23
Title: Basic examples of Lean

Speaker: Yong Suk Moon

Date: March 16

Title: Computational thinking and mathematical thinking: a more than beneficial relationship
Speaker: Taiwang Deng

Date: March 2
Title: MW-cohomology and computation
Speaker: Koji Shimizu

We met on Fridays in the Fall of 2022.

Date: November 18
Title: On algebraic Maass forms
Speaker: Taiwang Deng

Date: November 11

Title: On special values of L-functions
Speaker: Emmanuel Lecouturier

Date: November 4

Title: The mu-invariants for residually reducible ordinary Galois representations

Speaker: Dong Yan

Date: October 28

Title: Finite morphism and radii of convergence of a p-adic differential equation
Speaker: Tinhinane Amina Azzouz

Date: October 21

Title: Closed geodesics, class number, and Poincare sections

Speaker: Yitwah Cheung

Date: October 14

Title: Quadratic forms and Bhargava’s compositon law
Speaker: Yong Suk Moon

Date: September 30

Title: A spectral interpretation of the Riemann zeta function
Speaker: Dongsheng Wu

Date: September 23

Title: Drinfeld halfplane

Speaker: Koji Shimizu