BIMSA-YMSC Friday Number Theory Lunch Seminar

Speaker:Taiwang Deng
Organizer:Yong Suk Moon, Koji Shimizu
Time:Friday 12:15-1 pm
Venue:BIMSA Room 1118;Zoom Meeting ID: 819 1602 9444 (Passcode: BIMSA)

Note: Lunch starts at the Dining Hall at 11:50 am.

Organizers: Yong Suk Moon, Koji Shimizu

Upcoming talk:

Time: Friday 12:15-1 pm
Venue: BIMSA Room 1118
Zoom Meeting ID: 819 1602 9444 (Passcode: BIMSA)

Date: November 18
Title: On algebraic Maass forms
Speaker: Taiwang Deng

Past talks:

Date: November 11

Zoom Meeting ID: 819 1602 9444 (Passcode: BIMSA)

Title: On special values of L-functions
Speaker: Emmanuel Lecouturier

Date: November 4

Title: The mu-invariants for residually reducible ordinary Galois representations

Speaker: Dong Yan

Date: October 28

Title: Finite morphism and radii of convergence of a p-adic differential equation
Speaker: Tinhinane Amina Azzouz

Date: October 21

Title: Closed geodesics, class number, and Poincare sections

Speaker: Yitwah Cheung

Date: October 14

Title: Quadratic forms and Bhargava’s compositon law
Speaker: Yong Suk Moon

Date: September 30

Title: A spectral interpretation of the Riemann zeta function
Speaker: Dongsheng Wu

Date: September 23

Title: Drinfeld halfplane

Speaker: Koji Shimizu