Bandit Algorithms Seminar

Time:Saturday 10:00-11:30am (Beijing Time). From Oct. 8th to Dec. 24th(expected)
Venue:宁斋S11;Online Tencent:526-9489-3768

Tencent Meeting Link: (2022/10/08-2022/12/24 09:45-11:45, Every Week)

Presenter: 董婧(SDS@CUHK(SZ) Phd Student), 杜伊涵(IIIS@THU Phd Student) ,江昊哲(IIIS@THU Junior Student),李家淳(Math@THU Senior Student),吕甲梦(Math@THU Phd Student) , 宋沛聪(Math@THU Senior Student),温凯越(IIIS@THU Junior Student),邬靖宇(CS@USTC Senior Student),熊诺亚(IIIS@THU Junior Student),徐嘉纬(Math@THU Senior Student),叶晨璐(AI@HKUST Phd Student),周秉坤(Math@THU Senior Student)


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