Lectures on singularities

Speaker:Nero Budur (KU Leuven)
Schedule:Mon. & Fri., 9:50-11:25 am, May 27-June 24, July 8-July 26, 2024
Venue:A304, Science Building (Math Department), Tsinghua University(清华大学理科楼)(updated)


The lecture on June 10 will be cancelled. 

The lecture on July 15 will be adjusted to July 10, 9:50-11:25 am.


The lectures will be an introdution to different aspects of singularities of algebraic varieties motivated by open problems such as the monodromy conjecture, the Nash problem, the Zariski multiplicity conjecture, the Arc-Floer conjecture.

Prerequisite: algebraic geometry (varieties, schemes, sheaves, cohomology)

Target Audience: Graduate students and advanced undergraduate students

Teaching Language: English

Speaker website: www.kuleuven.be/wis/algebra/budur 

Registration: https://www.wjx.top/vm/PmBcmu4.aspx#