Non-Abelian Hodge Theories and the Reductive Shafarevich Conjecture

Venue:Jianhua Building A108(8-24/25)、No.4 Building 102(8-28/29)
Abstract: In his book “Basic Algebraic Geometry II”, Shafarevich asked the question whether the universal covering of a complex projective variety is holomorphically convex. This problem, now known as the Shafarevich conjecture, has been extensively studied with
the introduction of non-abelian Hodge theories by Simpson, Eyssidieux, Katzarkov, Pantev, Ramachandran, the speaker, etc. In this lecture, I will present a comprehensive proof of the reductive Shafarevich conjecture, which establishes that the universal covering of a complex
projective normal variety is holomorphically convex if their fundamental groups can be faithfully represented as Zariski-dense subgroups of complex reductive algebraic groups. If times allows, I will explain some extension of the reductive Shafarevich conjecture to the
quasi-projective cases.

The mini-course is structured as follows:
1. Non-Abelian Hodge Theories in the Archimedean Setting by Simpson: Simpson correspondence, C* -action Character varieties, Ubiquity theorem, etc.
2. Non-Abelian Hodge Theories in the Non-Archimedean Setting: Harmonic mapping to Euclidean buildings, Spectral coverings, Reduction theorem for representation into non-archimedean local fields, etc.
3. Construction of the Shafarevich Morphism.
4. Proof of the Reductive Shafarevich Conjecture.


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