Modern Cryptography

Teacher :Jintai Ding & Bei Liang
Schedule: Every Tue. & Thur. 18:40-20:55 2021-9-13 ~ 12-3
Venue:Conference Room 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.


This class consists of 2 parts running parallelly. The first part will be on Tuesday night where we give an introduction class for the basics of modern cryptography including symmetric cryptography, public key cryptography and post-quantum cryptography. The second part will be on Thursday night and we will cover advanced topics including multiparty computation, fully homomorphic encryption. The second part will also bring in speakers including students and postdocs to give lectures on their current research topics and results, and it encourages students to give presentations in any interesting topics they choose.


Title: On Constructions of Adaptively Secure ABE from LWE in the Standard Model

主讲人 Speaker: 贾仃仃

时间 Time: Thur. 18:40-20:55,2021 - 10 - 28

地点 Venue:Conference Room 1, Jin Chun Yuan West Bldg.

摘要 Abstract

Adaptive security is a natural security requirement for attribute-based encryption (ABE). However, it is more difficult to realize than its selective counterpart. In this talk, we will present how adaptive security is achieved based on the LWE assumption. The central tool is a key-homomorphic encryption (KHE). We will firstly show how to construct adaptively secure IBE with KHE and pseudorandom functions (PRF), and how to twist it to a tag-based version. Then we show the tag-based version can be extended to adaptively secure ABE, thus obtain ABE for t-CNF and Inner product encryption from LWE.

报告人介绍 Profile

Dr. Dingding Jia is a cryptography researcher at IIE, Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her research is mainly about theoretical cryptography, including post-quantum cryptography, public key encryption and identity (attribute)-based encryption, etc. She received her Phd at IIE, CAS in 2014 advised by Bao Li. After that, she joined IIE, CAS, and has visited KIT (Germany) and ENS de Lyon (France). Her works were published in Eurocrypt, ASIACRYPT, PKC, DCC, etc.