Research Areas

My main research field is inverse problems of Partial Differential Equations, especially inverse problems of Wave Equations.


2018.09 - 2023.06 Ph.D. in Mathematics, Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science Chinese Academy of Sciences

2014.09 - 2018.07 B.S. in Mathematics, Beihang University(BUAA)


1. Xiaodong Liu, Qingxiang Shi. Identification of acoustic point sources in a two-layered medium from multi-frequency sparse far field patterns,Inverse Problems, 39(6), 2023, 065001.

2. Jialei Li, Xiaodong Liu, Qingxiang Shi. Reconstruction of multiscale elastic sources from multi-frequency sparse far field patterns,SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, 83(5), 2023, 1915-1934.