Research Areas

Geometric Analysis, especially in minimal surfaces, mean curvature flows, and their applications in general relativity.


2013-2017 BSc in Pure and Applied Mathematics, Tsinghua University

2018-2022 PhD in Mathematics, The Chinese University of Hong Kong


1.Scalar curvature comparison of rotationally symmetric sets (with X. Chai), submitted, arXiv: 2304.13152, 2023

2.Generalized Bernstein Theorem for Stable Minimal Plateau Surfaces, submitted, arXiv: 2210.11500, 2022.

3.Dihedral rigidity in hyperbolic 3-space (with X. Chai), submitted, accepted by Trans. Am. Math. Soc. 2022.

4.Curvature estimates for stable minimal surfaces with a common free boundary, Calc. Var. 61, 138 (2022).

5.Uniformization of surfaces with boundary and the application to the triple junction surfaces with negative Euler characteristic, submitted, arXiv:2110.12656, 2021.

6.Index of Embedded Networks in the Sphere, submitted, arXiv:2110.12653, 2021.