Research Areas

Finite groups and their ordinary and modular representations.

Representation theory of finite groups of Lie type.


09/2017-06/2022 Ph.D. in Mathematics, Peking University, Beijing, China, Supervisor: Prof. Jiping Zhang

09/2013-06/2017 Bachelor's in Mathematics, Xiamen University, Fujian, China.


Peking University Principal Scholarship 2021-2022

Peking University Principal Scholarship 2019-2020

Peking University Principal Scholarship 2018-2019


1. Descent of splendid Rickard equivalences in GL_n(q)  (joint with Xin Huang and Jiping Zhang),arxiv(2023)

2. Categorical actions and derived equivalences for finite odd-dimensional orthogonal groups (joint with Yanjun Liu and Jiping Zhang) ,arxiv(2022)

3. On the inductive blockwise Alperin weight condition for the unipotent blocks of finite groups of Lie type E_6 (joint with Yucong Du and Shuyang Zhao),arxiv(2021)

4. The strengthened Broué abelian defect group conjecture for SL(2,p^n) and GL(2,p^n) (joint with Xin Huang and Jiping Zhang), J. Algebra