Research Area

I am a low-dimension geometric topologist/Teichmüller theorist whose main expertise is in hyperbolic trigonometry.


Obtained a PhD in 2014 from the University of Melbourne under the tutelage of Paul Norbury.


Currently an assistance professor at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center.

Postdoc at the Yau Mathematical Sciences Center between Dec 2015 and Dec 2018.


[1] Super McShane identity, accepted by the Journal of Differential Geometry (to appear);

[2] McShane identities for higher Teichmüller theory and the Goncharov-Shen potential, accepted by the Memoirs of the American Mathematical Society (to appear);

[3] Optimal Lipschitz maps on one-holed tori and the Thurston metric theory of Teichmüller space, Geometriae Dedicata, volume 214, 2021;

[4] McShane-Type Identities for Quasifuchsian Representations of Nonorientable Surfaces, International Mathematical Research Notices, volume 2021 (3) 2021;

[5] McShane identities for convex projective surfaces and beyond, Oberwolfach Report, 2018;

[6] Joint with Paul Norbury, Simple geodesics and Markoff quads, Geometriae Dedicata, volume 186 (1), 2017;

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[8] Moduli Spaces of Surfaces, Bulletin of the Australian Mathematical Society, volume 92 (1), 2015;

[9] A McShane-type identity for closed surfaces, Nagoya Mathematical Journal, volume 219, 2015.