Research Areas

Probability, Stochastic Processes, PDE

Educational Background

2010/9-2014/7 Bachelor  Fudan University

2014/9-2017/8 Ingénieur  Ecole Polytechnique

2017/9-2018/8 Master  Université Paris-Saclay

2018/9-2021/8 Doctor  Ecole Normale Supérieure

Work Experience

2022 6th ICCM Best Thesis Award (Doctor Thesis Award, Gold Prize)

2018 Ph.D. Scholarship for Polytechniciens

2017 Sophie Germain Master's Scholarship

Honors and Awards

McDuff Postdoctoral Fellowship, MSRI, 2019            


·Quantitative homogenization of the parabolic and elliptic Green's functions on percolation clusters. (with Paul Dario) Ann. Probab. 49(2), 556-636, (March 2021).

·Quantitative homogenization of interacting particle systems. (with Arianna Giunti and Jean-Christophe Mourrat) accepted by Ann. Probab.

·An efficient algorithm for solving elliptic problems on percolation clusters. accepted by Ann. Appl. Probab.

·Uniform estimate of an iterative method for elliptic problems with rapidly oscillating coefficients. Stoch PDE: Anal Comp. 8, 787-818 (2020).

·Smoothness of the diffusion coefficients for particle systems in continuous space. (with Arianna Giunti, Jean-Christophe Mourrat and Maximilian Nitzschner) accepted by Comm. Contemp. Math.