Research Areas

Teichmüller Theory and Differential Geometry

Educational Background

2007-2012  Doctor     Brown University

2004-2007  Master     Chern Institute of Mathematics, Nankai University

2000-2004  Bachelor  Nankai University                                      

Work Experience

2023-now     Professor                     YMSC, Tsinghua University

2019-2023   Associate professor      YMSC, Tsinghua University

2016-2019   Assistant professor       YMSC, Tsinghua University

2012-2016  G. C. Evans Instructor   Rice University  

Selected Publications

1. On ends of finite-volume noncompact manifolds of nonpositive curvature

(with Ran Ji), Inventiones Mathematicae, to appear, (2024), 36 pages.

2. On second eigenvalues of closed hyperbolic surfaces for large genus

(with Yuxin He), Journal of Differential Geometry, to appear, (2024), 38 pages.

3. Large genus asymptotics for lengths of separating closed geodesics on random surfaces

(with Xin Nie and Yuhao Xue), Journal of Topology, 16 (2023), no.1, 106-175.

4. Random hyperbolic surfaces of large genus have first eigenvalues greater than 3/16-epsilon

(with Yuhao Xue), Geometric and Functional Analysis (GAFA), 32 (2022), 340-410.

5. Optimal lower bounds for first eigenvalues of Riemann surfaces for large genus

(with Yuhao Xue), American Journal of Mathematics, 144 (2022), no.4, 1087-1114.

6. Uniform bounds on harmonic Beltrami differentials and Weil-Petersson curvatures

(with Martin Bridgeman), Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle's Journal), 770 (2021), 159-181.

7. On positive scalar curvature and moduli of curves

(with Kefeng Liu), Journal of Differential Geometry, 111 (2019), no.2, 315-338.

8. Uniform bounds for Weil-Petersson curvatures

(with Michael Wolf), Proceedings of the London Mathematical Society, (3) 117 (2018), no.5, 1041-1076.

9. The Riemannian sectional curvature operator of Weil-Petersson metric on Teichmüller space and its application

Journal of Differential Geometry, 96 (2014), no.3, 507-530.


Joint Seminar on Teichmüller Theory and Related Topics (JSTeichR)

I am currently one of the organizers of the seminar. The other organizers are Yi Huang (YMSC, Tsinghua Univ), Qiongling Li (CIM, Nankai Univ), and Yi Liu (BICMR, Peking Univ).