Research Areas

Mathematical Physics

Educational Background

2001-2004 Bachelor, University of Oxford

2004-2005 Master, University of Cambridge

2005-2009 Doctor, University of Cambridge

Work Experience

2022-present Professor, YAU Mathematical Science Center, Tsinghua University

2014-2022 研究员 复旦大学物理系

2012-2014 Post-doc 美国哈佛大学物理系

2009-2012 Post-doc 加拿大圆周理论物理研究所

Honors and Awards

2015 求是杰出青年学者奖


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[2] Jiaqi Lou, Ce Shen, Chaoyi Chen, Ling-Yan Hung. A (dummy's) guide to working with gapped boundaries via (fermion) condensation. JHEP 02 (2021) 171;

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