Research Areas

Applied Statistics, Econometrics, Health economics, Social insurance

Educational Background

1986-1989 Umeå University, B.A.          
1989-1992 Stockholm School of Economics, Philosophy Licentiate (i.e. an extended Masters)          
1993-1993 Umeå University, Ph.D          

Work Experience

2020-now  Professor YMSC, Tsinghua University          
2015-now Chair Professor(Statistics) Uppsala University          
2002-2015 Chair Professor(Economics) Uppsala University          
1996-1999 Associate Professor(Economics) Umeå University          

Honors and Awards

Labour Economics Prize Winner 2014.          
Member of the Prize Committee for the Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel           
Research Fellow IZA 2009- now          
Member of the Scientific Advisory Board of CINCH (Competent in competition and health) Duisburg-Essen University 2014-now          
Member of the Program board, The Research Council of Norway, Human Biobanks and Health Data 2014-2016          
Member of the Program board, The Research Council of Norway, Welfare, Working Life and Migration (VAM) 2013-2018          
Member of the research board of the Swedish Social Insurance Agency 2012-2018          
Country team leader for the Survey of Health, Ageing and Retirement in Europe (SHARE) 2009 -2012          
Member of the Swedish Social Council, 2009-2010          
Member of the board of the Swedish council for working life and social research (FAS), 2006-2012          
Leading researcher of the EU 6th Research Framework 512398 “Microdata Methods and Practice”, 2002-2008          
Member in management committee of the Evaluation of the European labour market programs, COST action no A23, 2005-2009.          
Honorary professor the School of Labor Economics Capital University of Economics and Business 2016          

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1. Worker Absenteeism: Peer Influences, Monitoring, and Job Flexibility.          
2. Self-screening effects of monitoring: evidence from a quasi-experiment in the Swedish temporary parental benefit program          
3. Economic status, air quality and child Health: Evidence from inversion episodes          
4. Privatization and quality: Evidence from elderly care in Sweden          

5. Is an early retirement offer good for your health? Quasi-experimental evidence from the army          

6. Cross-border health and productivity effects of alcohol policies