Educational Background

2008-2011  Ph.D.  University of Bath (UK)

Dissertation Title: Exchange graphs and stability conditions for quivers.

Supervisor: Professor Alastair King

2004-2008  B.Sc.  Peking University (China)

Work Experience

2020      Professor, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (Tsinghua Uni. China)

2018-2020      Associate Professor, Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (Tsinghua Uni. China)

2016-2018  Research Assistant Professor, Chinese University of Hong Kong (HK, China)

2013-2016  Postdoc in Norwegian University of Science and Technology (Norway)

2012       Postdoc  Bishop’s University (Canada)

Honors and Awards

ICRA Award 2016  ICRA=International Conferences on Representations of Algebras

2018-2020  Beijing Natural Science Foundation, Proj.: Z180003.

2017-2020  Hong Kong Research Grants Council, Proj:14300817.

2013-2016  Research Council of Norway, Proj.: 231000.


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