YMSC Professors Give Online Courses Due to Coronavirus Outbreak


The Spring Semester 2019/2020 of Tsinghua University started on Monday, Feburary 17. Due to the concern over the coronavirus (COVID-19), students began to attend online courses during the epidemic prenvention and control period.

Professors of Yau Mathematical Sciences Center (YMSC) immediately have made a comprehensive online education plan for students-as the President of Tsinghua University previously announced that classes will be taught online to minimize the risk of coronavirus to public health. Most professors familiarized themselves with the related software and technical details, testing the system repeatedly with their colleagues, assistants and students to study and figure out the most suitable teaching methods.

Professors give lectures with their smart devices during online class

While there are still some problems with online learning. Server crashes, unstable networks, lack of the sufficient teaching materials, frequent registration on various apps and a plethora of WeChat groups have meant the online classroom is a heated topic of debate recently. 

Difficulties aside, online teaching offers new teaching experience to teachers. Most YMSC professors believe that the epidemic situation poses a challenge to both teachers and students, and it is also an opportunity to comprehensively promote the digitalization and informatization of teaching techniques.