The 8th International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians opens in Beijing


The 8th International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians has opened in Beijing, inviting more than 1,000 Chinese and overseas mathematicians to discuss the latest research developments in pure and applied mathematics.


The six-day event kicked off at Tsinghua University Sunday and 376 mathematicians will deliver reports on number theory, geometry, statistics, artificial intelligence and biomathematics.

The event also offered awards for mathematicians who have made outstanding contributions in the field of mathematics. Yun Zhiwei from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Zhu Xinwen from the California Institute of Technology won the gold medal of ICCM. Vaughan F.R. Jones from Vanderbilt University in the U.S. won the International Cooperation Award of ICCM.



Shing-Tung Yau, a prominent mathematician and ICCM President, said China had seen fast development of mathematics and an increasing number of world-class mathematicians since 1998 when the first ICCM was held.


China needs to strengthen its support and investment in basic mathematics to promote its science and technology, Yau said.

The ICCM is one of the top events for mathematicians of Chinese descent and is held every three years.


(Source: Xinhua News Agency)