Notice on the Application for the 2021 Tsinghua YAU Summer Mathcamp for Internatioanl Secondary School Students


The Department of Mathematical Sciences of Tsinghua University, YAU Mathematical Sciences Center and Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications are intended to hold the Tsinghua YAU Summer Mathcamp for Secondary School Students (hereinafter referred to as the “Mathcamp”) at Tsinghua University/Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications from July to August, 2021.

The Mathcamp is designed for students who love mathematics, are passionate about this subject, and have some basic competency in this respect. This event aims to enable students to learn about mathematics of modern times and have access to modern mathematical research. The Mathcamp mainly invites outstanding teenagers throughout China. We will rigorously select 300 students from those who have submitted applications for the Mathcamp held at Tsinghua University. These students with potential are expected to devote themselves to mathematical research in the future through the enlightenment by this summer camp so that our goal of training a new generation of young mathematical research talents can be achieved.

We will offer six mathematical courses for four to six weeks, including linear algebra, algebraic combinatorics, number theory, analysis and topology, fundamentals of physics, and programing (each student should select three courses among them for learning). These courses cover essential tools and applications for modern scientific research. In order to teach these courses to the students within six weeks, we will invite experts from all localities to Tsinghua University to give lectures to the students. The Mathcamp is not limited to standard classroom learning. Some courses are also combined with special research. And students are encouraged to deliver special lectures and publish their research results in the last few days of the camp. During the Mathcamp, an exercises class will be arranged each afternoon. Teaching assistants will lead students in discussing about and doing exercises or talking about the special research. Additionally, we plan to invite a world-class mathematics researcher to give an academic lecture at the Math Camp each week so that students can understand the direction and results of modern scientific research.

I. Who Can Apply?

The basic training program of mathematics for this summer camp plans to recruit 300 campers. This notice is for international students ONLY. The number of onsite international students will not exceed 15%~ish of the total number (i.e. maximal 45). Considering the Covid-19 situation, international students could attend online.

The secondary school students participating in this summer camp should meet the following conditions:

1. The mathematically talented students with a good mastery of the knowledge structure of senior high school mathematics and familiar with the basic concepts of calculus are prioritized; 

2. Excellent in both character and learning, as well as in comprehensive quality;

3. Loving mathematics and aspiring to do academic research on the fundamentals of mathematical science;

4. International here means the students are attending the school aboard.

II. How to Apply?

All international applicants should apply via emails: before 00:00, May 14th). The title of the email should be

2021 Tsinghua MathCamp Application + full name

The following information/attachment (zip all the material into one file) should be included:

1. Personal information

2. Proof of study, sign/stamp by the corresponding school aboard.

3. Additional information includes: awards at the provincial level or above obtained at secondary school; personal honors at the school level or above received at secondary school; scientific research, innovative practice and literary creation that have been participated in at secondary school; expertise in arts and sports; social services and club events that have been joined in at secondary school.

4. The “Reason for applying for the summer camp of math” is an important reference for the shortlisting of the summer camp and for the subsequent professional recognition. Please carefully complete such information to the real fact (limited to 1,000 words).

5. Two letters of reference submitted by an applicant or the referees: A referee who understands the applicant’s overall performance and professional expertise writes a letter of reference for the applicant.

III. How to Recruit Campers

The application materials submitted by students will be reviewed by the Expert Committee item by item. Those whose materials are satisfactory will be qualified as campers and may have access to the results on the online application platform in the late May, 2021 (the specific time will be notified later). Those qualified students may print the Check-in Notice online.

IV. Others

No costs will be borne by campers in this summer camp. Tsinghua University will apply for meal cards for all campers, who may dine in our campus canteen at their own expenses. Please arrange your travel and accommodation at your own costs.

Tel: 010-62792799 (Monday to Friday, 14:00-16:00)

Department of Mathematical Sciences of Tsinghua University

YAU Mathematical Sciences Center

Yanqi Lake Beijing Institute of Mathematical Sciences and Applications

May 3, 2021