Fourier Transform and Finite Analogues

主讲人 Speaker:Prof. George Lusztig
时间 Time: 周四 9:00-10:00,2021-2-25
地点 Venue:线上

摘要 Abstract

We are now about 200 years since the introduction of Fourier transform (for functions on the real line). This has become one of the most important tools not only in pure mathematics but also in applied math and engineering. In this talk we will discuss some of its analogues when the real line is replaced by something finite. The two main topics of the talk are: 1) How to write Fourier transform over a symplectic vector space over the field with two elements as a triangular matrix? 2) A nonabelian analogue of Fourier transform (related to representation theory).

简介 Description

George Lusztig,美国麻省理工学院(MIT)教授,美国科学院院士,美国艺术与科学院院士,英国皇家学会院士。
George Lusztig教授主要工作在几何表示论和代数群两大领域。他曾获得众多荣誉与奖励,2003年被授予Romanian National Order “Faithful Service” Grade of Commander称号;2007年被罗马尼亚科学院授予杰出贡献奖;2008年被美国数学协会授予Leroy P. Steele终身成就奖;2012年他成为了美国数学学会会员;2014年被授予邵逸夫数学科学奖;2014年获得Simons Fellowship in Mathematics。

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