Big Data Conference 2023

时间 Time:August 31-Sep 1, 2023


On August 31-Sep 1, 2023 the CMSA will host the ninth annual Conference on Big Data. The Big Data Conference features speakers from the Harvard community as well as scholars from across the globe, with talks focusing on computer science, statistics, math and physics, and economics.

Location: Harvard University Science Center Hall D & via Zoom.

Directions and Recommended Lodging

Format: This conference will be held in hybrid format, both in person and via Zoom Webinar.

Registration is required.

In-person registration (link).

Zoom Webinar registration (link).



  • Michael Douglas, CMSA, Harvard University

  • Yannai Gonczarowski, Economics and Computer Science, Harvard University

  • Lucas Janson, Statistics and Computer Science, Harvard University

  • Tracy Ke, Statistics, Harvard University

  • Horng-Tzer Yau, Mathematics and CMSA, Harvard University

  • Yue Lu, Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics, Harvard University

Confirmed Speakers: