ICBS Satellite Conference on Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry

组织者 Organizer:Caucher Birkar, Ivan Fesenko
时间 Time:July 11-July 14, 2023

If you are interested, please send an email to fishlinazy@tsinghua.edu.cn to register.

Register email should include:

1. Title: Name+department+register for Algebraic and Arithmetic Geometry

2. content: Name, student ID, department, current degree, your Major and attend dates.

We offer free food and accommodation to a limited number of attendants. The results of the registration will be notified by email.

To attend online:

Zoom ID: 262 865 5007

Password: YMSC

For more details: https://www.icbs.cn/en/web/index/18009_1525927__