Quantum Computing at the Physical Layer

主讲人 Speaker:Dawei Ding
时间 Time:Fri., 16:00-17:00, May 10, 2024
地点 Venue:Jing Zhai 304; Zoom Meeting ID: 271 534 5558 Passcode: YMSC


Quantum computing is ultimately implemented on physical devices. However, there is a lack of systematic research into the following two fundamental questions: 1. What quantum operations can be implemented on a given hardware device? 2. How do we use these operations for computational tasks? In this talk, we give answers for two-qubit operations used for circuit compilation. Given the two-qubit Hamiltonian of a physical device, we explore the diverse space of two-qubit operations that it can support and mathematically evaluate their corresponding compilation capabilities. We in particular prove that a general class of device Hamiltonians can support all possible two-qubit operations modulo single-qubit operations.

Short bio: 

Dawei (David) Ding obtained his PhD in applied physics from Stanford University, where he made key contributions to feedback-assisted communication over quantum channels and quantum chaos. He then worked as a quantum scientist at Alibaba Quantum Laboratory, first in the Design Automation Division and then the Quantum Computer Systems Division. His research focuses on understanding the low-level physics of quantum computing devices and determining how to best use them for computational tasks, thereby taking a bottom-up approach to quantum computing. The theoretical tools thus developed have been adopted by leading hardware teams around the world. At Alibaba he also worked on the theory of quantum gate benchmarking, physics simulations of superconducting qubits, classical simulation of quantum circuits, and quantum computer architecture.

Video: http://archive.ymsc.tsinghua.edu.cn/pacm_lecture?html=Quantum_Computing_at_the_Physical_Layer.html