Phase transitions with Allen-Cahn mean curvature bounded in Lp

主讲人 Speaker:Shengwen Wang (Queen Mary University of London)
时间 Time:Saturday, 15:00-16:00, May 11, 2024
地点 Venue:B725, Shuangqing Complex Building A(双清综合楼A座B725)


We consider the varifolds associated to a phase transition problem whose first variation of Allen-Cahn energy is Lp integrable with respect to the energy measure. We can see that the Dirichlet and potential part of the energy are almost equidistributed. After passing to the phase field limit, one can obtain an integer rectifiable varifold with bounded Lp mean curvature. This is joint work with Huy Nguyen.

Speaker: Dr. Shengwen Wang, Lecturer, Queen Mary University of London