I-cohomology and some computations

主讲人 Speaker:Xie Heng (Sun Yat-Sen University)
时间 Time:Wed.,10:00-11:00am, Dec.7,2022
地点 Venue:Online Tencent: 341-839-444 Passcode: 0712


I-cohomology is a version of the singular cohomology in the real algebraic geometry. It is an important part of the Chow-Witt group, which contains obstruction classes for splitting vector bundles. In this talk, I will introduction the theory of I-cohomology of real algebraic varieties, and discuss how it relates to the singular cohomology in topology. I will also talk about some computations in I-cohomology.


Xie Heng (谢恒), associate professor, Sun Yat-Sen University