Long range order for three-dimensional random field Ising model throughout the entire low temperature regime

主讲人 Speaker:夏傲腾、刘昱 (北京大学)
时间 Time:11月3日 周四 14:30-16:00
地点 Venue:三教1304



We study the Ising model on Z^3 with an externel field {\epsilon h_v} where h_v~N(0,1). We want to show that for any T lower than the critical temperature T_c, the long range order exsits as long as \epsilon is sufficiently small depending on T. This work extends previous results of Imbrie (1985) and Bricmont–Kupiainen (1988) from the very low temperature regime to the entire low temperature regime. This talk is based on a joint work with Jian Ding.