Einstein-Bogomol’nyi equation and Gravitating Vortex equations on Riemann surfaces

主讲人 Speaker:Chengjian Yao(Shanghai Tech)
时间 Time: Wednesday, 15:30-16:30,2021-12-1
地点 Venue:Tencent Meeting ID: 731 188 239   Password: 202112

摘要 Abstract

The Einstein’s Fields Equation coupled with an Abelian gauge field and a Higgs field possesses a special type of solution, mathematically known as Einstein-Bogomol’nyi equation and physically known as Cosmic Strings. In this talk, I will present some existence theorems for solutions of such equation and also its close companion Gravitating Vortex equations, introduced from a moment map picture. This is based on the joint work with Garcia-Fernandez and Pingali.

简介 Description

Tencent Meeting ID: 731 188 239
Password: 202112


报告人介绍 Profile

Chengjian Yao, Assistant Professor of Shanghai Tech University.