Relations between cusp forms sharing Hecke eigenvalues

主讲人 Speaker:Dipendra Prasad
时间 Time:  Fri. 4:00-5:00 pm,2021-11-12
地点 Venue:Zoom Meeting ID:849 963 1368    Passcode:YMSC

摘要 Abstract

The colloquium will discuss a variant of the multiplicity one theorem for modular forms,  and consider the question of when the set of Hecke eigenvalues of a cusp form on GL(n) is contained in the set of  Hecke eigenvalues of a cusp form on GL(m) for n≤m. We will also discuss an analogous question about group representations which seems not to have been considered before.  Joint work with R. Raghunathan.

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Zoom Meeting ID:849 963 1368   



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Dipendra Prasad is professor of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai.His principal area of research has been in the local and global aspects of the theory of Automorphic Representations.