Introduction to p-adic Langlands program for GL_2

主讲人 Speaker:胡永泉(中科院)
时间 Time: 周五 16:00 -17:00,2020 - 12 - 11
地点 Venue:近春园西楼三层报告厅

摘要 Abstract

The p-adic and mod p Langlands program is an avatar of the classical Langlands program and has been first initiated by C. Breuil. In this colloquium talk, I will give a brief introduction to the program and survey some recent progress in the case of GL_2.

简介 Description

Yongquan HU is a professor of Morningside Center of Mathematics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Research interests: p-adic and mod p Langlands program, and its applications.