Inverse problems in anisotropic elasticity and seismology

主讲人 Speaker:Maarten V. de Hoop (Rice Unive
时间 Time: 周五16:30-17:30,2019-6-28
地点 Venue:清华大学近春园西楼第三会议室

摘要 Abstract

The basis for any seismological studies is the theory of wave propagation in models of elastic media adequate to the real Earth. Earth's (effective) elastic material properties are typically anisotropic and heterogeneous. We give an overview of recent results on determining these properties regionally and globally using geometric and dynamic data with both active and passive, boundary and interior sources. Techniques from microlocal analysis and from Finsler geometry come into play.
Joint research with J. Ilmavirta, M. Lassas, T. Saksala, G. Uhlmann, A. Vasy and J. Zhai.

简介 Description

    Maarten Hoop教授曾就职于壳牌公司和斯伦贝谢剑桥研究所。1995-2005年在世界知名地球物理研究机构科罗拉多矿业大学任副教授和教授。2015年受邀加入莱斯大学,并在计算和应用数学系及地球科学系担任Simons Chair一职。他在“科学”杂志上发表的“应用于地球科学方向的基于数据驱动的机器学习”吸引了广泛的关注。