Caltech-Tsinghua Joint Colloquium

报告人 Speaker:Daren Chen (California Institute of Technology)
组织者 Organizer:
时间 Time:Wednesday March 6, 9 AM (Beijing Time)
地点 Venue:Zoom

Upcoming talk:

Title: Khovanov homology for null homologous links in RP^3

Speaker: Daren Chen/陈大任, California Institute of Technology

Date: Wednesday March 6, 9 AM (Beijing Time)

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Khovanov homology is a powerful invariant for studying links in S^3. Khovanov's originally definition is motivated by representation theory, and since then, there have been many interpretations of it from different perspectives. In this talk, we will review the interpretation given by Ozsvath and Szabo, relating it to the Heegaard Floer homology of the branched double cover of S^3 over the link, and explore how this allows an extension of the definition to null homologous links in the real projective space RP^3.

Past Talks:

Title: Irregular conformal blocks and braiding properties

Speaker: Xia Gu, Tsinghua University

Time: Wednesday, December 6, 9:00 AM (Beijing Time)

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In this talk, I would like to report our recent work arXiv: 2301.07957 & 2311.07960.  We constructed the rank-1 irregular field in the free boson theory  and computed the conformal blocks with one irregular field insertion using the integral representations.  We obtained the monodromy and the braiding representations of these blocks by deforming the integral contours. Time permits, I will also talk about the relations of our results with the Stokes phenomena and the flat connection on conformal bundles.