YMSC Probability Seminar 概率论讨论班

报告人 Speaker:蔡格非
组织者 Organizer:顾陈琳
时间 Time:2022-11-10 周四 15:00-16:00
地点 Venue:三教3102


时间:2022-11-10 周四 15:00-16:00



标题:On Natural Measures of Several Random Fractals Induced from SLE and CLE
摘要:Schramm-Loewner Evolution(SLE), together with its loop version, namely Conformal Loop Ensemble(CLE), successfully describes the scaling limits of interfaces of many 2d statistical physics models. This talk focus on natural measures defined on the SLE- and CLE-related random fractals, namely the cut points and boundary touching points of SLE as well as the pivotal points and the carpet/gasket of CLE. We show that several simple axioms can uniquely characterize these SLE- and CLE-related natural measures. Based on a joint work with Xinyi Li.