Seminar on KSBA Moduli Theory

报告人 Speaker:邹瑜(Postdoc),焦骏鹏(Postdoc)etc.
组织者 Organizer:焦骏鹏,邹瑜
时间 Time:Every Thursday 18:30-20:30
地点 Venue:Jinchunyuan West Building, 2nd Floor

Regular Speakers:陈炳仪(Postdoc),焦骏鹏(Postdoc),江孝炜(PhD student),曲三太(Postdoc),许福临(Senior Student),张睿桐(PhD student),朱其蔚(PhD student),邹瑜(Postdoc)

Upcoming talks:

Families of Varieties of General Type


Ja´nos Koll´ar, Families of varieties of general type, 2022.  Chapter 1 ∼ 8.


Lecture 1 (Sep 22, 2022): History of moduli problems.

Lecture 2-3: One-parameter families.

Lecture 4: Families of stable varieties.

Lecture 5-6: Stable pairs over reduced base schemes.

Lecture 7-8: Numerical flatness and stability criteria.

Lecture 9-10: Moduli problems with flat divisorial part.

Lecture 11-12: Cayley flatness.

Lecture 13-14: Moduli of stable pairs.


Lecture 1:  Koll´ar’s ampleness lemma.

Reference: [Kol90].

Lecture 2: Semipositivity theorems for moduli problems.

Reference: [Fuj18].

Lecture 3-5: Projectivity of the moduli space of stable log-varieties.

Reference: [KP17] [PX17].

Explicit Examples

Lecture 1: Plane curves.

Reference: [Hac04].

Lecture 2: Abelian varieties.

Reference: [Ale02]. Speaker:

Lecture 3: K3 surface.

Reference: [Laz16].

Lecture 4: Wall crossing for curves.

Reference: [Has03].

Others: Surfaces in P3, elliptic K3 surfaces, wall crossing in general...


[Ale02] Valery Alexeev. Complete moduli in the presence of semiabelian group action.

Ann. of Math. (2), 155(3):611–708, 2002. 2

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[Laz16] Radu Laza. The KSBA compactification for the moduli space of degree two K3 pairs. J. Eur. Math. Soc. (JEMS), 18(2):225–279, 2016. 2

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