Applied and Computational Math Colloquium

组织者 Organizer:应用与计算数学团队
时间 Time:2022/07/19, 10am-11am
地点 Venue:Lecture hall, 3rd floor of Jin Chun Yuan West Building;Tencent Meeting: 502-4821-2807

Title: Data-driven computational multiscale methods and applications

Speaker: Eric T. Chung (The Chinese University of Hong Kong)

Time: 2022/07/19, 10am-11am

Venue:Lecture hall, 3rd floor of Jin Chun Yuan West Building;Tencent Meeting: 502-4821-2807

Organizer: Jie Du

Abstract: Many practical problems, especially those arising from geosciences, have multiscale features due to medium heterogeneities, nonlinearity and coupling of multiple models. The goal of multiscale methods or numerical upscaling techniques is to compute the solutions of these complicated problems efficiently by constructing coarse scale equations for some dominant components of the solutions. In this talk, we will present the latest development of a class of multiscale methods, which make use of solutions of local problems to obtain coarse scale equations and have rigorous convergence theories. For nonlinear problems, the macroscopic parameters in the coarse scale equations can be computed efficiently by the use of deep learning techniques. We will discuss the general concepts and present some applications.

Bio: Eric T. Chung is a Professor in the Department of Mathematics in The Chinese University of Hong Kong. He obtained PhD degree from University of California at Los Angeles. His Ph.D. thesis advisor is Prof. Bjorn Engquist. His research interests are Discontinuous Galerkin Methods, Computational Wave Propagation, Fluid Flow in Heterogeneous Media, Multiscale Model Reduction Techniques, Adaptivity for Multiscale Problems, Domain Decomposition Methods, Seismic Imaging and Travel Time Tomography.