Quantum Information Seminar量子信息讨论班

组织者 Organizer:Zhengwei Liu 刘正伟(BIMSA&Tsinghua University)
时间 Time:09:00-10:30 Fri. 2022.01.07
地点 Venue:Online:Zoom ID:388 528 9728(Password:BIMSA); Offline:近春园西楼一楼第一会议室

Title:Quantum soundness of the tensor code test

Speaker: Zhengfeng Ji 季铮锋(Tsinghua University)


Tensor codes provide a simple family of combinatorial constructions of locally testable codes that generalize the family of Reed-Muller codes. The natural test for tensor codes, the axis-parallel line vs. point test, plays an essential role in constructions of probabilistically checkable proofs. The quantum soundness of tensor code test is an essential component of the MIP* = RE theorem as it naturally generalize the low indivitual degree test. In this talk, we will discuss the proof ideas behind the quantum soundness analysis, its use in the MIP* = RE proof, and several interesting related open problems.


Zhengfeng Ji is currently a professor in the Department of Computer Science and Technology, Tsinghua University. His research studies quantum computing from a computer science perspective, recently focusing on the quantum algorithm and complexity theory, quantum cryptography, and quantum software.