Algebra Seminar: Reprentation Theory and Geometric Topology

报告人 Speaker:陈小伍( 中科大); 陈健敏 (厦大); 阮诗佺 (厦大)
组织者 Organizer:邱宇
时间 Time:9:00-11:15 am. 2022-1-17/19/21
地点 Venue:Tencent Meeting Online

Upcoming Talks

题目: Introduction to Weighted Projective Lines


时间:早上9:00-10:00; 10:15-11:15;2022-1-17/19/21

地点:腾讯会议 第1天会议号:469564376; 第二天会议号:844342850; 第三天会议号:940634842

报告人: 第一天:陈小伍( 中科大); 第二天:陈健敏 (厦大); 第三天:阮诗佺 (厦大)


The notion of weighted projective lineswas inventedbyGeigle and Lenzing [2], motivatedbygiving a geometric treatment for Ringel’s canonical algebras. By a deep theorem of Happel [4], up to derived equivalence, a hereditary cat- egory with a tiltingobjectis either equivalent to the module category of apath algebra, or equivalent to the category of coherent sheaves on a weighted projective line.

The study of weighted projective lines is related to many mathematical areas, for example, noncommutative algebraicgeometry,Riemann surface, Lietheory,and singularitytheory.

In this series of talks, we will introduce the fundamental context on weighted projective lines, including its geometry counterpart, the category of coherent sheaves, tilting theory, Auslander-Reiten quiver, Grothendieck group and the auto-equivalence group.

The outline is as follows.

§1 Coherent sheavesoverprojective line (Xiao-wu Chen)

§2 From projective line to weighted projective lines (Xiao-wu Chen)

§3 Canonical tilting sheaves and canonical algebras (Jianmin Chen)

§4 Trichotomy: domestic, tubular and wild cases (Jianmin Chen)

§5 K-theoretic study of weighted projective lines (ShiquanRuan)

§6 Auto-equivalence group of the bounded derived category (Shiquan Ruan)


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Past Talks

题目:Cell structures of moduli space of quadratic differentials



地点:线上#腾讯会议:164-276-690/线下 四教 206

摘要: Quadratic differentials on Riemann surface could describe the stability conditions on some Calabi-Yau 3 categories associated with a Riemann surface by Bridgeland-Smith. On the other hand, Seiberg-Witten theory describes BPS states of 4 d N=2 supersymmetric SU(2) Yang- Mills theories by quadratic differentials on elliptic curves.

In this talk, we combine the above theories to understand the cell structures of the moduli space of quadratic differentials on a fixed Riemann surface. We show the relations between the stratification and wall crossing phenomenon in some concrete moduli spaces. This is a joint work with A. King and Y. Qiu in progress.

题目: Crystals arising from Stokes phenomenon



地点:四教 206

摘要: In this talk, we give an introduction to the Stokes phenomenon of meromorphic linear systems of ordinary differential equations. We then give a complex analysis realization of certain crystals and cluster algebras in the theory of quantum groups via the Stokes phenomenon.