Fourier multiplier techniques for partial differential equations

主讲人 Speaker:Peter Wittwer
时间 Time: 每周三、五 19:20-20:55,2021-8-11 ~ 9-3
地点 Venue:线上

课程描述 Description

We will give an introduction to Fourier multiplier techniques for the solution of nonlinear partial differential equations in unbounded domains, starting from very simple models on the real line.
We will then move on to discuss several examples of recent work where such techniques have been crucial for the construction of solutions.
We finally discuss the use of solutions constructed with these techniques for proving uniqueness of weak solutions.
Throughout the course we will present open questions that should be accessible to a discussion with the methods introduced during the course.

预备知识 Prerequisites

Basics functional analysis like L^p spaces and differential equations at the Bachelor level.

参考资料 References

Reed and Simon, Functional Analysis, Volume I: Methods of Modern Mathematical Physics or similar.

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