A variational approach to the study of deformation invariance of plurigenera

主讲人 Speaker:Toshiki Mabuchi
时间 Time: 周三、周五15:20-16:55,2020-1-8  & 1-10
地点 Venue:清华大学宁斋W11

课程描述 Description

A well-known theorem by Y.-T. Siu states that plurigenera are invariant under smooth projective deformation. More generally, we can ask whether or not a similar invariance is also true for smooth deformation of Kähler manifolds. However, such a general question is still an open problem. 

In the lectures, we discuss the generalized problem for Kähler manifolds from variational points of view. Actually, given a pluricanonical section in the central fiber, by fixing its perturbed section in the nearby fiber, we consider a suitable functional for variation of by diffeomorphisms such that its critical point allows us to obtain a holomorphic section of the nearby fiber.


预备知识 Prerequisites

Some basic knowledge of Kähler geometry

参考资料 References

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