Transport information Geometry with applications in data science

主讲人 Speaker:李务晨
时间 Time: 2019.12.19/20/23,15:20-16:55
地点 Venue:清华大学近春园西楼第一会议室(12.19/23)第三会议室(12.20)

课程描述 Description

In this course, we briefly review the calculus in transport information geometry, and discuss its current development in both theory and applications in data science and scientific computing:

1. Introduction to optimal transport, Mean field games with applications in information science.

2. Scientific computing via Transport information geometry.

3. Optimization in machine learning via Transport information geometry.

4. Statistics in machine learning via Transport information geometry

预备知识 Prerequisites

Calculus III, Linear Algebra.

I encourage high year undergraduate students, graduate students, and interested faculties to attend the course.

参考资料 References

W. Li, Geometry of probability simplex via optimal transport, 2018.