Curves over finite fields

主讲人 Speaker:Gerard van der Geer
时间 Time: 每周二15:20-16:55,周四13:30-15:05,2019-9-17 ~ 11-12
地点 Venue:清华大学静斋112(周二)、近春园西楼三层报告厅(周四)

课程描述 Description

Curves over finite fields form an interesting and accessible topic in its own right, but it finds applications in coding theory and cryptography. We shall treat the basic theory of curves over finite fields. Topics include ithe zetafunction, the Hasse-Weil bound and its improvements, maximal and optimal curves, curves with many points, asymptotics, towers, modular curves, supersingular curves, relation with coding theory.

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References to the literature will be given at the beginning of the course.