Topics in Statistics

任课教师 Speaker:Yannis Yatracos
时间 Time: 每周二、三 13:30-15:05 2021-9-13 ~ 12-3
地点 Venue:西楼报告厅

课程描述 Description

Content: Research results of the Instructor.

Topics include : MLE's Bias Pathology, model updated MLE  and Wallace's MML

method. Artificially augmented samples, shrinkage and MSE reduction.

Elegant Nonparametric Estimation of a density and Matching Estimation with convergence rates via Minimum Distance Methods. Tukey's Poly-efficiency. More topics if time permits.

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This course will be on Conference Room 3 on Second floor of Jinchunyuan West Building on Sept. 26th. Thank you for your attention!