Topics in Inverse Problems

任课教师 Speaker:邱凌云
时间 Time:2.21~5.13 (Mon. /Wed.) 13:30-15:05
地点 Venue:宁斋W11 Ning Zhai W11; Online from May9

Note: Due to the COVID-19,the course will be delivered online from May 9.

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课程描述 Description

Inverse problem refers to a kind of problem of inverting the physical parameters and geometric features of the interested area by the measured data, and is an important subject for the intersection of industrial and applied mathematics. It consists of many areas including modeling, partial differential equations, functional analysis, and scientific computing. This course introduces topics of inverse problems in various applications, such as seismic inversion, medical imaging, inverse scattering and other areas.

预备知识 Prerequisites

PDE, Functional analysis, Fourier analysis, Numerical analysis, Python

参考资料 References

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