Purity, perversity and applications-2

任课教师 Speaker:陈宗彬
时间 Time:2.21~6.10 (Tues.) 9:50-12:15
地点 Venue:近春西楼第三会议室 Conference Room 3; Online Tencent:724-4452-2628

Note:Due to the COVID-19,the course will be delivered via Tencent. 

Tencent Meeting ID: 724-4452-2628

课程描述 Description

This is the second part of a two semesters course. For this semester, we will explain the theory of perverse sheaves of Goresky-MacPherson and Beilinson-Bernstein-Deligne-Gabber.

预备知识 Prerequisites

A solid background in algebraic geometry and algebraic number theory

参考资料 References

1. Goresky-MacPherson, Intersection homology, I, II,

2. Bernstein-Beilinson-Deligne-Gabber, Faisceaux pervers